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Is Your Riverside Business Prepared To Evacuate in the Event of an Emergency?

1/17/2022 (Permalink)

clip board with a list of items to have on hand for emergency By keeping a few simple guidelines in mind, designing your evacuation procedure can keep you prepared for any disaster.

Are You Prepared?

While an emergency in the workplace is never expected, disasters happen every day in businesses all around the country. That’s why it’s so important to implement a Evacuation Plan for your employees and customers. By keeping a few simple guidelines in mind when designing your evacuation procedure, you can make sure your business in Riverside, CA is prepared for a worst-case scenario.

1. Pay attention to details.

Where is a fire most likely to break out in your building? How is the customer traffic flow designed? What are the locations of sprinklers and fire extinguishers? These are factors that will need to be considered when planning for an emergency. Map your evacuation route to bypass dangerous areas and allow for the fastest possible exit from the building.

2. Communication is key.

Even the most well-designed fire drill plan is useless if you don’t ensure that every employee knows how to implement it. Keep in mind that your employees will need to guide customers to safety in the event of an emergency, so it’s imperative that they have access to a printed evacuation route and are aware of where all the building exits are located.

3. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Even the most level-headed employee can panic if a fire breaks out at work. That’s why evacuation drills should be rehearsed on a regular basis to make sure that everyone knows their role in an emergency. Address any issues or confusion after each drill to develop a reliable exit strategy. Shift leaders and managers should have the contact information for a reliable fire damage restoration company to call after ensuring that all customers and employees are out of the building and first responders are on the way.

While no business owner wants to think about a life-threatening emergency in their building, it’s crucial to have a fire drill plan in place to ensure the safety of your employees and customers. By remembering to prepare for the worst-case scenario, you can prevent a tragedy from occurring.

Get Back to Business Quickly After a Fire

As a business owner, you know that any disruption in business affects your bottom line. We have large loss teams that work alongside our local SERVPRO experts. These professionals understand your unique set of problems when faced with fire damage and can respond immediately to your call. Our goal is to help you get your business up and running again as soon as possible after a fire emergency.

Should your business experience a fire, SERVPRO of West Riverside City has the experience and knowledge to make any disaster, "Like it never even happened."

Call for any emergency 951-351-8033

What to do Before and After a Flood in Riverside

1/12/2022 (Permalink)

street flooded with water Remember that flash floods can occur suddenly, and miles from the source of water.

In Riverside flooding can happen anytime, but October to April are our rainiest months.

What to do before a Flood

Take steps to protect your home, family, and financial security throughout the year, and take extra precautions when flooding is predicted in your area.

The best way to protect your home and belongings from flood damage is to purchase flood insurance – don’t let your hard work be washed away.

Here are a few steps you and your family can take to be ready for flooding:

  • Get Flood Insurance- Most homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage. Do an annual “insurance check-up” with your agent to make sure you have the right coverage and amounts of coverage.
  • Know Your Risk- Look up your address in the Flood Map Service Center to learn if you live, work, or travel in areas that are prone to flooding.
  • Take a Household Inventory- Take photos and videos of all major household items and valuables. Retain these documents in a safe place because they are important when filing insurance claims.
  • Store Important Documents- Save copies of birth certificates, passports, medical records, and insurance papers in a safe, dry place. Keep original documents in a watertight safety deposit box.

Did you know?

When flooding is imminent or predicted, National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policyholders are eligible to receive up to $1,000 to purchase loss avoidance supplies like tarps, sandbags, and more.

Steps to minimize your flood losses

Minimize your potential losses from flooding by taking the following steps:

  • Elevate and Anchor utilities- Elevate and anchor your critical utilities, including electrical panels, propane tanks, sockets, wiring, appliances, and heating systems.
  • Clear Debris From Gutters- Make sure that you clear any debris from gutters and downspouts to avoid an accumulation of water.
  • Elevate or Move Your Furniture- When flooding is predicted or imminent, move furniture and valuables to a safe place, such as an attic or the highest floor of your home.

When flooding is imminent – take care of your physical safety

When a flood is imminent or occurring, your first priority should be the physical safety of you, your loved ones, and your pets.

Stay alert by monitoring the local news and weather reports and sign up for emergency alerts. Have a communication plan ready in the event of a power outage.

In Riverside flooding can happen anytime, but October to April are our rainiest months. When there's a flood risk, the National Weather Service issues alerts. Sign up to receive emergency alerts.

Sand Bag Locations


Water depth can be difficult to judge, especially at night, and you may not see a road that is washed out too! Remember: Turn Around, Don’t Drown.

Outdoor Activities

Before going out to hike, bike, or another outdoor activity, check the weather forecast and information about the area. Is it prone to flash floods?

Have a back-up plan. After planning and travelling to your destination, it can be hard to decide to cancel your activity. If you have a back-up plan in an area that is known to be safer, you’re less likely to put yourself in a dangerous situation.

Watch for suddenly darkening skies or listen for thunder. Move to your back-up plan if these conditions start to develop.

Remember that flash floods can occur suddenly, and miles from the source of water. You may not be able to hear or see a storm that can cause a flash flood.

Have an escape plan and be prepared to ride it out, even by climbing a tree or other sturdy object. Some floods can take hours to recede, but even getting behind a jutting piece of canyon wall could protect you from the powerful waterflow.

When there's a flood risk, the National Weather Service issues alerts

 Sign up to receive emergency alerts

Call SERVPRO of West Riverside City to Inspect your Property for water damage due to flooding.  We can help determine if it's worth submitting a claim through your insurance.

Office 951-351-8033

We are open 7 days a week!

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Water and Flood Damage in Riverside: What's the Difference?

1/10/2022 (Permalink)

3 tan homes under flooding gray water If you are experiencing water or flood damage, SERVPRO of West Riverside City can inspect the damage, remove the moisture, and make repairs!

Water is a necessity, but not when it is causing damage to your home or business.

If water damage does occur, SERVPRO of West Riverside City can clean and restore your home to make it as though it never happened. However, the cleaning and restoration after damage occurs is not the only piece of the puzzle. When water causes damage, consult a restoration company before submitting an insurance claim.

Filing an insurance claim because of unwanted water can be complicated. The first step is knowing the difference between a water damage claim and a flood damage. This information is crucial to the policyholder because it determines what is covered and what is not.

What is Covered

The distinction between a water damage claim and a flood damage claim can best be defined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) flood definition. According to FEMA, a flood is a general and temporary condition of partial or complete inundation of two or more acres and two or more properties of normally dry land.

To simplify the matter, if the water that caused the damage occurred from a natural source and any neighbors are experiencing the same water issues, it is safe to say the situation is a matter of flooding. According to FEMA, flood damage can only be caused by overflow of inland or tidal waters, unusual and rapid accumulation or runoff of surface waters from any source, mudflow, or collapse of land along the shore of a lake or similar body of water as a result of erosion or undermining caused by waves or currents of water exceeding anticipated cyclical levels that result in a flood.

If a flood has caused damage to your home, it is important to know if you currently have flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program, because home insurance companies do not offer coverage on flood damage. Having flood insurance is extremely beneficial to homeowners who think they might even have the slightest chance of being affected by a flood. The official site of the National Flood Insurance Program states that flood insurance policies cover physical damage to your property and possessions.

Everything from the actual building and its foundation to the refrigerator and the food inside of it is covered by flood insurance and will be taken into consideration when claims are filed. Flood insurance does cover basements and areas below the lowest elevated floor, but it depends on the flood zone and the date of construction. It is important to remember that flood insurance does not cover the sentimental value of any property, so be sure to remove any precious items such as photos, documents, or personal items that cannot be replaced as quickly as possible.

When Water Damage Occurs

When water damage occurs in your home, did not originate from a natural source, and is not affecting any surrounding buildings, a water damage claim is necessary. Circumstances such as overflowing bathtubs, broken toilets, burst water mains, and broken pipes are all grounds for water damage claims that should be filed by contacting your home insurance company.

Working through the process of filing both a water damage claim and a flood damage claim can be tricky and seem overwhelming. SERVPRO offers a Contents Claim Inventory Service for customers who already have enough stress to deal with. What this service does is provide a detailed and accurate list of all of your belongings. Our Technicians have the experience needed to deliver detailed and accurate reports to insurance companies and help settle claims fast.

If you are experiencing either water or flood damage in your home, SERVPRO of West Riverside City can inspect the damage, remove the moisture, and make repairs using state of the art extraction equipment as quickly as possible.

It is important to take immediate action when it comes to both water and flood damage. Refer to our Water Damage Emergency Tips and keep safety as your primary focus. Do not fret, SERVPRO has the ability and resources to go beyond just basic restoration by repairing electronics such as televisions and computers and also dry photographs and documents.

Highly trained Water Restoration Technicians are available around the clock for when damage occurs and are only a phone call away- 951-351-8033

Riverside Residents, 2022 Resolve to Be Ready!

1/5/2022 (Permalink)

clip board with a list of items to have on hand for emergency Resolve to be ready now, before a disaster happens!

With New Year upon us, now is the perfect time to think about making some resolutions.

While resolutions typically involve committing to personal changes and reaching goals, this industry-leading provider of fire and water cleanup and restoration services says the single most important resolution both business and home owners can make is to “Resolve to be Ready.”

Preparing in advance to deal with the unexpected can make a world of difference in how quickly and completely property owners can put the pieces of their lives back together. Emergency readiness plans are the foundation for effective and timely emergency response.

SERVPRO encourages all property owners to take advantage of the no-cost emergency planning tools available from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), as well as SERVPRO’s Emergency READY Profile and READY Plan Mobile App.

For homeowners:

  • FEMA resources include guidelines for creating a Family Emergency Plan and Emergency Supply List, with additional tips for pet owners, seniors, people with disabilities, and even commuters.
  • SERVPRO offers their free SERVPRO READY Plan app, which stores critical contact and property information electronically in advance, where it can be accessed with a mobile device in seconds if disaster strikes.

For business owners:

  • FEMA offers materials on topics ranging from creating a Business Continuity Plan to an Insurance Discussion Coverage Form in addition to guidelines for creating an Emergency Response Plan.
  • For businesses, SERVPRO offers a no-cost facility assessment and assistance in creating a comprehensive Emergency READY Profile® (ERP). The ERP includes information about emergency contact numbers, priority and high/risk areas, shut-off valve locations and more that can then be stored in the READY app.

The time to gather and store information like emergency contact numbers; insurance contacts; and the location of emergency shut off valves, and such is before an emergency strikes, not during an emergency, having this information at your fingertips can help emergency responders react as quickly and effectively as possible, helping to limit loss of property and even lives.

SERVPRO specializes in disaster restoration, cleanup and repair services, helping to remediate damage, making it “Like it never even happened,” for both commercial and residential customers. For more information on SERVPRO, please visit SERVPRO of West Riverside City. To learn about SERVPRO’s Emergency READY plan, please visit

If you would like to set up an appointment to meet with an associate to review our FREE Emergency Ready Profile, please contact us at:

Office- 951-351-8033




Understanding the Temperature of Fire Can Help During a Disaster

12/30/2021 (Permalink)

gray wood burning with black char, with orange fire flames around the wood Bonfire – The temperature of a bonfire gradually heats up to around 1112°F, but bonfires can reach 1832-2012°F.

What is the Temperature of Fire?

Fire is versatile and dangerous. No matter what kind of industry you belong to, a working knowledge of the properties of fire is an important part of fire safety. The temperature of fire varies depending on the source and kind of fire you’re dealing with.

Understanding the nuances of fire temperature will inform your overall knowledge of fire and how it works, so in this blog we’re looking at the temperature of fire and how you can identify it.

Temperature and color

The two most distinguishing properties of fire are heat and color. The color of a flame is directly influenced by the temperature, so you should be able to estimate the temperature of a fire by identifying the color of the flames.

Fire is a result of combustion – a chemical reaction between a fuel and oxygen – and when the reaction produces enough heat, flames are formed. Flames themselves change color over time, and will usually have multiple colors in different parts of the flame.

The hottest part of the flame is the base, so this typically burns with a different color to the outer edges or the rest of the flame body. Blue flames are the hottest, followed by white. After that, yellow, orange and red are the common colors you’ll see in most fires.

It’s interesting to note that, despite the common use of blue as a cold color, and red as a hot color – as they are on taps, for instance – it’s the opposite for fire. Red is usually seen on the outer edge of the flame, where the temperature is lower, while blue is the fiercest, hottest temperature.

Fire temperature

Of course, just because there is a hierarchy of temperature for fire, that doesn’t mean that red flames are in any way cold. The fact that you can see flames at all means that the combustion rate is high, so the fuel is burning at a very high temperature.

Red flames, while weaker, can still range from 977°F to 1832°F.  The more faint the color, the lower the temperature. A more vibrant red, something closer to orange, will hit the higher end of the scale measuring nearer the 1832°F mark.

Orange flames range from around 2012°F to 2192°F.

White flames are hotter, measuring 2372°F to about 2732°F. The brighter the white, the higher the temperature.

Blue flames, or flames with a blue base, you can expect the temperature to rise dramatically, hitting roughly 4532°F. As you might expect, gas burning fires reach higher temperatures than materials such as wood, paper or textiles, so businesses which store gas tanks such as propane, for example, are most likely to see fires that reach the highest possible temperatures.

Temperature examples

Candle flame – The hottest part of a candle flame burns at around 2552°F, while the average temperature is usually 1832°F.

Wood fire – A household wood fire burns at around 1112°F. Temperature can change depending on the type of wood and its condition.

Bonfire – The temperature of a bonfire gradually heats up to around 1112°F, but bonfires can reach 1832-2012°F.

Burning match – For such a small flame, a household match burns at around 1112-1472°F.

Propane torch – Combustion of propane and air is roughly 3452°F. A butane fire will have a similar temperature.

If you experience a fire in your home or business, SERVPRO of West Riverside City has the knowledge and experience to handle smoke damage from a nearby fire or commercial property containing smoke, soot and water damage.  Home or office fires as devastating as they are, we can make it, "Like it never even happened."


We are open 24/7 to take those emergency calls!

Not Home For the Holidays, Protect Your Riverside Home!

12/22/2021 (Permalink)

A mother and daughter talking to male and female neighbors Be sure to notify a trusted neighbor. Ask them to keep an eye on your house and report any suspicious activity and pick up your mail.

Traveling to visit family and friends during the holiday season is a perfect time since many have the time off work and kids are out of school.

For many, we live in another city or state than our family or friends. Which means start packing and get the family ready to head out. Before you leave, it’s important take the proper precautions to keep your house safe while you’re away. The holiday break can be enjoyable, as long as you take the steps needed to protect your house for when you return.

 Here are few to keep in mind:

Turn Down your Thermostat

Not only will you save money on your electricity or gas bill by turning off the heat or AC, but you limit your chances of an AC leak or furnace malfunction while you’re away from you home.

Notify a Neighbor

Be sure to notify a trusted neighbor. Ask the neighbor to keep an eye on your house and report any suspicious activity. You’ll also want this neighbor to pick up your mail and newspapers while you are away. Make sure your house looks like somebody is home to deter a burglar.

Check your Holiday Lights for Fraying or Damage

December is the deadliest month for electrical fires. Before you string lights on the house or the tree, be sure to inspect the strands to make sure there aren’t any frayed cords or cracked lamps. Replace any broken lamps and throw away strands with frayed cords. This will help prevent any accidental fires.


Can cause many deaths every year in the United States. In fact, in 2008, the U.S. Fire Administration reported approximately 2,650 people were killed by house fires. Take the time to have a professional come inspect your furnace and clean the chimney before you need to heat your home.

Turn Off your Water

By turning off your water, it ensures that you won’t come home to water damage. Appliances malfunction when you least expect it and if the water is turned off there is no chance your water heater or pipes will leak.

Locally owned, with national Resources SERVPRO of West Riverside is locally owned and operated. When you have a fire, flooding or water emergency, we’re already nearby and ready to help. As fire and water damage specialists, we have the experience, the expertise, and the advanced training that enables us to get your property restored quickly and thoroughly.

Please Call: 951-351-8033

Do You Know What the Top Causes of Fire are in December?

12/20/2021 (Permalink)

Christmas pine tree on fire with red and orange flames Constant watering keeps trees fresher longer, but the moment the tree appears to drop its needles, it’s a sign that it is drying out.

Fire damage restoration specialist of SERVPRO of West Riverside City recommend the importance of keeping safety top of mind with a small family gathering as it is with a large holiday party.

Many enjoy bringing the glow of the holiday season to their homes with Christmas trees or menorahs and candlelight, but statistics from the U.S. Fire Administration show how easy it is for home decorating to turn into a home disaster.

Here are are few areas to be watchful of:

  • The top three days for home candle fires are Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve. More than half of the home decoration fires in December are started by candles.
  • A heat source too close to the Christmas tree causes one in every four winter fires. On average, one of every 52 reported home Christmas tree fires resulted in death.
  • It is also important to follow manufacturers’ guidelines for holiday lighting. According to the National Fire Protection Association, electrical distribution or lighting equipment was involved in 44 percent of home Christmas tree fires.

  • Only use decorations that are flame-retardant or not flammable, check holiday lights each year for frayed wires or excessive wear and don’t link more than three strands of holiday lights.

  • Water your tree daily. Constant watering keeps trees fresher longer, but the moment the tree appears to drop its needles, it’s a sign that it is drying out.  From the moment a spark ignites a Christmas tree, it can take only a matter of minutes before noxious smoke and scorching heat fill the entire room, igniting everything within it. Seconds later, the fire can travel up a staircase and perhaps make escape virtually impossible for anyone on the second floor of your home.  

For more fire prevention and fire safety tips and information about fire and water damage restoration services, visit SERVPRO of West Riverside City. For more information on SERVPRO of West Riverside City, contact us at 951-351-8033.

Did you know that Christmas Day is the Peak Day for Candle Fires?

12/15/2021 (Permalink)

white candle and two small white candles on a table top While candles are often used for giving off a warm, romantic light and an appealing aroma, they can cause a candle fire if used incorrectly.

Millions of decorative candles are sold every year.  They bring a soothing ambiance and different aromas for the rooms in your home.   

Are Candles a Fire Hazard? 

Candles might seem harmless on the surface until you look at how significant their damages can and have been in U.S. homes. FEMA estimates that there are more than 15.000 home candle fires every year, many resulting in injury for death. 

Candle Fire Safety Tips 

Here are a few tips to follow to reduce your risk of a fire in your home while your candle is burning: 

  • Burning candles should never be unattended. 
  • Candles should never be under shelves or other enclosed spaces.  
  • Keep candles at least 12 inches from anything that can burn. 
  • Candles should never be placed where children and pets can knock it over. 
  • To prevent uneven or rapid burning and excessive dripping avoid drafts, vents or air currents.  
  • Always put candles on a heat resistant surface. 
  • Use a suitable candle holder sturdy enough to avoid being easily knocked over. 
  • NEVER move or touch  a candle while it is burning or while the wax is liquefied. 
  • Make sure that you have a working smoke detector in every room where you burn candles. 
  • Extinguish candles with a candle snuffer rather than blowing them out, a hot was can splatter. 

What To Do if a Fire Starts

If a candle fire ever happens in your home in Riverside, CA, you need to know how to properly extinguish it. When putting out a candle fire, you should never use water, which causes it to spread. If the wax inside the candle catches fire, grab a cover to remove oxygen from the candle. If the flames spread to other parts of your home and get out of control, quickly contact the fire department and evacuate your home. If any fire damage occurs or your home is in need of smoke cleanup services, a fire damage cleanup company can help restore your home back to its original condition.

Candle Alternatives

The best way to prevent candles from causing a fire in your home is to keep them out of your house entirely. There are many candle alternatives to consider including:

  • Incense
  • Flameless candle
  • Essential oil diffuser
  • Wax warmer
  • Oil warmer
  • Stick diffuser

While candles are often used for giving off a warm, romantic light and an appealing aroma, they can cause a candle fire if used incorrectly. It is important to always use candles responsibly or to try out any of the candle alternatives listed in this guide. Visit SERVPRO of West Riverside -Fire Damage for more information on fire loss. 

Following a Candle Fire - Fire Restoration 

Following these safety tips when you’re enjoying the candle aromas in your home, can lower your risk for a home fire in the future. If candles do happen to cause a home fire and you’re in need of fire restoration solutions, call SERVPRO of West Riverside City at (951)351-8033. Our technicians will be respectful of your home and work with you to put your home back to home sweet home again. 

SERVPRO Can Help Get Your Home Prepared for Out of Town Guest

12/13/2021 (Permalink)

white background with broom, mop, bucket, sponge We have the expertise and resources to make any dirt, dust, or grime "Like it never even happened."

Are you expecting out of town guests?  Too busy to prepare the menu, running around for last minute items.  Now you don't have time to deep clean before the arrival of your guests?  Let SERVPRO of West Riverside help you!

Let a professional be entrusted with the care of a home, its furnishings and the health of its occupants.  With the many new materials and surfaces being used in home décor, a professional house cleaner has a much broader range of knowledge than in the past as many of these newer surfaces require specialized care.

In addition to caring for the home and its contents, a professional house cleaning technician helps care for health.  This includes hygienic cleaning, effective sanitizing of surfaces, use of appropriate cleaning agents, and procedures to prevent cross contamination.  A thorough vacuuming with a high-efficiency filtration vacuum is an important contributor to improved indoor air quality.

An IICRC-certified House Cleaning Technician is trained to properly care for homes and health. A consumer who uses a certified professional can confidently trust the cleaning and relax in a clean and healthy home.

You know SERVPRO as a leader in Fire and Water Cleanup and Restoration, but our professional residential cleaning services can also make a dirty carpet "Like it never even happened."

Our Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services Include:

  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
  • Drapes and Blinds
  • Air Duct & HVAC Cleaning
  • Odor Removal
  • Sewage & Biohazard Cleanup
  • Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Ceilings, Walls, and Hard Floors
  • Vandalism Cleanup

We have the expertise and resources to make any dirt, dust, graffiti or grime "Like it never even happened." Give us a call to schedule an appointment today!

How Commercial Property Owners Ensure Building Safety During Year-end Holiday Season

12/8/2021 (Permalink)

office keyboard in black and white with soot Pay attention to safety, reduce the likely hood of damage to buildings by monitoring hazards and more importantly, ensure the safety of all occupants.

Many Commercial business owners are decorating their properties with Holiday decorations, some are also hosting a year-end event right there on the property. 

It’s a way to say thank you to employees, enjoy some good food, maybe games and raffles.  One thing to consider is how to do this safely. 

Here are seven helpful recommendations to help commercial property owners boost holiday safety at their properties:

  • Use fire retardant decorations. Choose and install only decorative materials that will not fuel flames. 
  • Place decorations wisely so they don’t impede safety systems: sprinkler systems (never hang anything from sprinkler heads), emergency exits, fire alarm pulls, fire extinguishers, hose cabinets, exit signs and fire doors.
  • Shun open flames like candles, instead choosing cool lighting like LED bulbs and low wattage illumination. Be particularly careful with holiday cooking, even if conducted outdoors. More than a few fires have been sparked when celebrants explosively deep fried a frozen turkey.
  • Don’t overtax electrical circuits and devices. Always follow manufacturer directions for string lights. Don’t overload power strips or outlets.
  • Reduce slip, trip and fall hazards such as lighting cords across walkways. During decoration installation and removal, use ladders carefully. If viewers will visit outdoors to appreciate decorations and displays, illuminate walkways and keep them free of snow and ice.
  • Put lighting and powered decorations on timers to reduce fire hazards. Few people view commercial holiday decorations during the overnight hours. Timers reduce electricity costs, too.
  • Inspect building safety devices during the decoration process. This is an ideal time to verify that smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and carbon monoxide detectors have been properly maintained and are operable.  

We don’t want to be distracted from the more important things.  Pay attention to safety, reduce the likely hood of damage to buildings by monitoring hazards and more importantly, ensuring the safety of all occupants.

Call SERVPRO of West Riverside City with damage caused by fire, we take the stress of the business owner, ensure the safety of staff members and we can make it, "Like it never even happened."