Recent Before & After Photos

Ceiling collapsed from rain storm

Let's be honest, how often do you really climb up onto your roof and check to make sure everything is looking one hundred percent? Probably not at all, I would ... READ MORE

Mold Growth in Riverside, CA home

This home in Riverside, CA was affected by mold in the living room and hallway.  The customer had noticed an odd smell and discoloring in their kitche... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Riverside, CA Home

The following before and after series of photos is of a laundry located in a Riverside residence that had a major fire event.  The first photo sh... READ MORE

Mold Containment to Stop Mold from Spreading

Containment during remediation is used to limit mold releases into the air and surroundings within a building. By allowing your house to have a quarantined... READ MORE

Water Damage from upstairs Laundry in Riverside, CA home

This Riverside Family’s residence experienced serious water damage after leaks were discovered coming from pipes in the ceiling in the garage. It was... READ MORE

Water Damage in Riverside, CA home

In this home in Riverside, CA the washer in the laundry room was leaking over a period of time.  The homeowner was unaware of the leak because the water wa... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Norco, CA home

This home had mold damage from recent flooding from laundry room. Mold can grow in as little as 24 hours in optimal cases. At times it is hard to tell if buildi... READ MORE

Commercial Roof Leak

This Riverside office building experienced serious water damage after leaks were discovered coming from the roof. SERVPRO of West Riverside City has the ex... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Riverside, CA

This home was damaged by a laundry fire in March of 2016.  The customer's insurance referred them to SERVPRO of West Riverside, knowing that we o... READ MORE

Flooded Office in Riverside, CA

This office had a roof leak from a recent storm flood the entire  office space. The office manager tried to dry it out themselves but realized th... READ MORE