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Is it Time to Contact a Storm Restoration Expert?

1/21/2019 (Permalink)

As a homeowner, you probably don't want to have to think about your roof leak or getting a roof repair.

You probably don't want to deal with flooding, rain damage, or wind damage. Unfortunately, it might be time to contact a home restoration expert to deal with storm remediation. If you've been thinking about home restoration or water restoration, the time to get started is now. If you aren't sure whether it's time to reach out to a storm restoration or home restoration expert, there are a few things you need to consider.

Have you recently experienced a severe storm?

If you have recently experienced flooding, storm damage, or wind damage, your house may have been physically damaged and you may need storm remediation. Many homeowners don't realize just how severe roof damage, rain damage, wind damage, and ground water can be after a severe storm. Pay attention to when there are storms in your area, as any place that is prone to rain or wind damage may be susceptible to problems.

Does your home have standing ground water?

Does your area frequently have flooding due to high rains? Ground water after flooding? Standing flood water in your yard or home?  It could be time to seek storm remediation. A water restoration expert can help to remove ground water with a flood pump. Did you know that a flood pump can be used by a water restoration expert to remove water? A flood pump can effectively remove water from your house. Make sure you contact a water restoration and storm restoration professional when you're ready for someone to use a flood pump at your house.

Is there visible damage to your home?

If you experience storm damage, or wind damage in your area, make sure you visually inspect your home.  Do you have a roof leak from roof damage? Do you need a roof repair?  Wind damage, roof damage, and a roof leak can all impact your house. Wind damage can be present in many different ways. For example, wind damage can impact the siding on your home, but wind damage can also cause a tree to fall onto your roof. This can lead to roof damage and a roof leak. Unfortunately, this means you'll need a roof repair.

Tree fall on your home? Advise & information about what to do if this happens to you.

With recent storms trees are falling causing damage everywhere, including homes in Riverside!  Damage can be significant and there are many homeowners that don't know where to start in this situation. SERVPRO of West Riverside City can help.  

Here is some information and advise on what to do should this happen to you.

Usually trees don't fall just because they are old. The rain water can become overwhelming in the ground making it soft and tree roots do not hold well in soft, wet dirt. This along with strong wind surges cause the tree to fall, wind pulls the tree right up from the soft ground causing the fall.  

If the tree does hit your home there will likely be damage, depending on the size of the tree the amount of damage can vary. Here are the basic steps to take to secure your home:

  1. If you are in the home when the fall occurs, immediate walk out-side and visually look at your home for damage. Use an entrance far from the tree if possible. IE: If the main entrance is blocked, go out the back door.  
  2. Call your local Fire or Police and advise them of the tree fall, sometimes there can be street wires that go down with the tree. If this is a problem the local authorities will help secure the area for safety.
  3. Call your Insurance Carrier and report a claim for the damage to your home.  Get a claim number and you adjusters contact information. Also make sure they explain the claim process and how your insurance coverage applies in this situation.
  4. Call a Tree Company to have the tree professionally removed. Your insurance carrier may assign a company, if not ask for recommendations. DO NOT attempt yourself, this is very dangerous!
  5. Call SERVPRO of West Riverside City to begin mitigation of the damage. Also to board or secure areas of the house that is needed. The sooner we begin mitigation the better.  Damage can get worse the longer it waits.
  6. Once all of this is done, begin looking for a contractor if any reconstruction is needed.

At the end of the process we at SERVPRO of West Riverside City will make it "Like it never even happened"  

We are available 24/7 and 365 days a year for emergency services at 951-351-8033 or visit our website. Click "Request Service Online"

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