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Everything That Storm Damage Cleanup Entails for your Riverside Home

4/20/2020 (Permalink)

Animated picture of basement, flooded with blue water and chairs and brown dresser floating If your Riverside home has faced water damage from a storm, we are here to help. Give us a call and we can provide free inspection.

After your Riverside neighborhood has been hit by inclement weather, now, to call SERVPRO of West Riverside City professionals to make everything look like new again.

However, do you really understand the steps that will take place? Here’s a quick breakdown of everything that a storm damage cleanup job may entail, from start to finish.

1) An Inspection of the Damage

The first thing that the storm damage cleanup professional at  SERVPRO of West Riverside City will do is complete an assessment of damage. They’ll walk through your house and make a note of everything that the storm had affected. Any puddles of water, soaked carpeting, holes in the walls, and more will be thoroughly documented and photographed. The storm damage cleanup team at SERVPRO of West Riverside City will provide you with a punch list of everything that needs to be done.  We will also work with your home insurance company to help mitigate the situation. This assessment will contain costs, scope of work description and a timeline.

2) Removing Any Existing Water

After the storm damage cleanup company has received written permission to begin the restoration process Riverside, they will remove all content from the affected area and start the extraction of water that’s in your home. They’ll use special equipment soak up puddles that a simple set of towels cannot handle and ensure that every bit of standing water in your home is removed. They will go through every step necessary to complete this task, including blotting your carpeting and taking care of any sodden curtains. Know that any content damaged Riverside can also be service by SERVPRO.

3) Running a Dehumidifier and Drying Everything Out

Next, the storm damage cleanup crew will set up dehumidifiers for the drying process. They are necessary. The lack of puddles of standing water doesn’t mean that the job is over. Your floorboards, walls, carpeting, ceilings and everything else that received water damage could still be moist. That dampness, when left alone, will lead to mold. It’s SERVPRO of West Riverside City's duty to make sure that this mold doesn’t have a chance to set in, so they’ll go through the additional steps to completely dry every surface.

4) Sanitizing the Space

Once everything is dry, our team will start cleaning and sanitizing. This ensures that things like mold won’t be able to set up shop, so to speak. The storm damage cleanup crew will SERVPRO patented cleaning solutions to kill off any potential germs or irritants lurking in your formerly waterlogged home. This can only be done once all of the water has been removed, and those carpets and walls are now dry.

5) Performing Restoration Services

Finally, the last of the restoration services are completed. This consists of the storm damage cleanup crew going through and repairing holes in the walls and ceiling, replacing broken windows, and even repainting walls, if necessary. They will do everything required in order to make your home look just like it did before the storm – only cleaner. In addition, the best companies take the time to ensure that you’re pleased with the results.

Call SERVPRO of West Riverside City today, if your home has experienced any water damage – large or small! 951-351-8033

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