Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Ceiling Collapse after Roof Leak

Not all roofs are in mint condition and sometimes that means when storms hit they take the roof with it. SERVPRO takes care of any of your storm damages when they appear. 

Roof Leak in Office Building

A local business in Riverside had a leak in their ceiling resulting from their roof. SERVPRO of West Riverside City responded quickly to their call to clean up the water so that they could open for their customers. The store owner was please on how fast we were able to extract the water so that they could resume their business.

Roof Tarping after Rains in Norco, CA

After a lot of rain this customer noticed a leak in the roof. Until the roofer is scheduled, we will tarp the roof so there will be no more water leaking inside before the roof is fixed!

Carpet Wet After Rain Storm in Riverside, CA

After some heavy rain, one office building in Riverside, CA noticed the next morning that everything from their ceiling to wall to carpet (photo) was wet. SERVPRO was there within hours to help out getting everything dry again!

Roof Leak in Riverside, CA

This customer experienced a water damage from the roof in a heavy rain storm in California. SERVPRO was able to complete the demolition and set equipment to dry the home within 24 hours.  Our customer was thrilled that we were able to dry the home within four days. SERVPRO of West Riverside City is here to help 24-7!

Emergency Readiness Program (E.R.P)

You never know when disaster will strike your business or commercial property. Protecting your assests and being ready for any disaster is as easy as making one phone call. 951-351-8033