Water Damage Photo Gallery

Soaked Carpet in Office Building

Water damage can happen to anyone. This retail business put their water damage into the hands of professionals over at SERVPRO of West Riverside City and were thrilled with the outcome.

We do Roof Tarping when You Need It!

Until you can get a professional roofer out to your company, SERVPRO has all the tricks to stop storms from entering into your home unannounced. Storm damages don't happen often but when they do we want to make sure all our clients are prepared. 

Classrooms in Riverside, CA affected by Water Leak

This photo shows our dehumidifiers and air movers drying out the ceiling and carpet in one of the classrooms affected by this water leak. We were able to dry it quickly so the students could get back to learning right away!

Dentist Office in Riverside, CA noticed water leak

This dental office was quite surprised when they walked in one morning to see several walls and carpet wet when a pipe had burst. This photo shows our effective equipment drying out the carpet and walls quickly so the dentist office could return to work quickly and not loose any business!

Hidden Water in Wall

This photo depicts our infrared camera finding moisture hidden in a high ceiling from a roof leak. This is one of many tools used to detect water damage that is not easily seen!

Water Damaged Home In Riverside, CA

Home Office Effected After Vacation! 

Vacations are a good time for the family, but coming back to find this is not the best. Thankfully we are here 24/7 to help you get back to your life!